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Silver ScreenReality Shows and Politics

Before we record each episode of silver screen we might have a general discussion about whatever is on our minds. This time around I decided to record the conversion, and this is it. We discuss how reality shows are playing into politics, and is the media conservative or liberal and it's influence on the country. We also go into how producers will create a story for ratings or whatever rather than report it. Mostly we talk politics and the current president Trump.

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silver screen horror moviesTV Shows and A Fascinating Discussion on Horror Movies

This episode of Silver Screen starts of with a discussion on TV shows that are a criteria for success in girls and Andrew tries to use the term Seinfeld. We also discuss crappy boring movies. We discuss what makes a good horror film, and how most of the best horror films are coming out of Asia right now.

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Wonder Woman and Terminator GenisysWonder Woman and Terminator Genisys

In this episode of silver screen we have a fascinating discussion about the new Wonder Woman movie and Gal Gadot. That is followed up by a completely unrelated discussion on Terminator Genisys.

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voltron discussion

Voltron, Cartoon Girls, and Polanski

In this episode of Silver Screen we discuss the new Voltron TV series, hot cartoon characters and and we can't have movie news without a reference to Roman Polanski.

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Silver Screen showKing Arthur and Star Wars Turns 40

In our first go at turning a podcast called Silver Screen into an animated series we discuss King Arthur legend of the sword and Star Wars reaching 40 years.

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